Editor, Townsman:

Shocked by tax numbers proposed by Andover town management in the Jan. 21 Townsman, I started looking at my tax bills.

My tax bill has gone up 378% in the last 42 years. Yikes.

This is over 170% higher than the cost of living during that period.

Obviously we have a spending problem and fiscal control problem.

I've seen several financial problems over the years, with several fiscal control programs to prevent these disasters from reoccurring. Unfortunately every control plan has failed based on continuing financial disasters.

We all like to spend money. I don't think a fourth or fifth control plan will help.

Town management has never been able to consistently control spending or live within its means. Now town management is proposing legislation to bypass Proposition 2 1/2.

This is a dangerous precedent. Right now we need tighter fiscal controls, not a looser one.

Dozens, if hot hundreds, of towns, cities and states and businesses have solved their pension shortfall with innovative ideas, and Andover needs to do this too.

We can't keep dumping this on taxpayers.

With COVID-19, up to 17.7% unemployment and businesses closing, taxpayers can't tolerate any more $810 tax increases.

Town management has to live within its means.

My recommendations are: 1. Immediately withdraw legislation to bypass Proposition 2 1/2; and 2. Set up a volunteer group of taxpayers to make recommendations on how to cut taxes.

We must slow tax inflation now.

Robert Marsh



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