Editor, Townsman:

"To heal, we must remember" -- finally, words from a leader of conscience, President Joe Biden.

How poignant is the stark difference during this transition of power between the departing despot who refuses to acknowledge his loss in the presidential election, who doesn't have a modicum of empathy for the 400,000 lives tragically lost to the coronavirus pandemic or the incomprehensible economic and personal suffering of millions of Americans, and who willingly incited a violent, extremist mob to disenfranchise millions of American voters in order to ultimately destroy our democracy and establish a dictatorship.

Compare this to our new president, who chose to start his path to inauguration by mourning the victims of the pandemic and who exhorts our citizenry to unite in a collective effort to heal and proactively deal with the urgent social, economic and pandemic response issues our country faces.

I cried as I witnessed the finale of four years of moral abandonment, the desecration of truth and our Constitution, and the unrivaled carnage of President Donald Trump's legacy, as "Amazing Grace" was sung by Michigan nurse Lori Marie Key early on the eve of Biden’s Inauguration.

We all face a moment of reckoning, either to continue being partisan to a politic of lies or to instead position ourselves to renew faith in democracy.

Together we can truly declare our allegiance to America and to realize the vision that we can again be a beacon for justice and humanity for our nation and the world.

William Kolbe



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