Editor, Townsman:

The U.S. Constitution does not guarantee you the right to kill me. Cigarette smoking is banned in countless municipalities for the reason that smokers have no right to kill people with secondhand smoke. The same must apply to protecting others from COVID-19; no one has the right to kill someone else with secondhand germs.

Yet, people continue to exhibit complete selfishness by refusing to wear masks though fully cognizant of the health risks. It is dirt simple. By wearing a mask you could, quite literally, save a life.

Some strut around without a mask, at the expense of those around them, to make a political statement. Unfortunately the refusal to wear a mask and to ridicule those who do was sanctioned, even promoted, by our president from the onset of the pandemic. Even now, after stating people should, he does not do so himself.

He openly encouraged supporters at his Tulsa, Oklahoma rally to not wear masks. Former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain attended, didn’t, contracted the virus less than two weeks later, and died.

It comes as no surprise that some continue to refuse to wear masks. Recently a Trump supporter, wearing a "Keep America Great" hat, delayed an airline flight because he refused to cover his face and proudly live-streamed the incident on Instagram. He claimed his refusal to wear a mask was due to a medical condition, which he refused to identify.

Unfortunately that isn’t the end. Though more than 50% of Americans say they wear masks when they leave home, anti-mask protesters claim mandates that require people to wear masks are trampling their rights.

I’m sorry but you don't have a constitutional right to infect and possibly kill others. The selfishness of those who don't wear masks is appalling.

Don’t do it for the rest of the world. Do it for America. Stop whining. Put on a mask. Potentially save a life. Make America great again.

Paul McKay



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