Editor, Townsman:

The Aug. 1 issue of the Townsman published a letter written by Roy Z. Dobbelaar. Mr. Dobbelaar wrote that Mueller's testimony made it very clear that interference in the 2016 election began around 2014 and "it was orchestrated by the Obama administration, The Obama FBI, Obama Justice Department, members of the Clinton campaign and others.'' Mr Dobbelaar goes on to write that the interference was designed to insert Clinton into the presidency and when that failed the interference attempted to reverse the election results and cover up the corrupt actions of the Obama administration.

I read the Mueller report, all 440 pages. I also watched much of Mueller's testimony. I did not read about or hear about the interference that Mr. Dobbelaar wrote about. In contrast, the U.S. intelligence community and the Mueller Report documented a massive Russian effort to influence the 2016 election on behalf of Donald Trump.

I respect Mr. Dobbelaar's concern for our democracy and his effort to express his opinions via our free press. We need a fluid exchange of opinions and information; it is vital to the health of our democracy. The Bill of Rights allows the expression of virtually any information or opinion. But a quality exchange requires supporting documentation and valid data, in other words facts. Given a free press we can of course "make stuff up.'' But if we intend to bring citizens together to address problems, we need to hear diverse opinions, but we also need to hear about each other's information sources so that we can examine their validity. What is the source of the information in Mr. Dobbelaar's letter? It seems completely at odds with the Mueller Report and U.S. intelligence professionals' findings.





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