Editor Townsman:

As an almost twenty-something Gen Z’er, I have a different vision for where and how I see myself living after I graduate college than my parents did at my age. When my Andover friends and I discuss post-college life, we share the common theme of wanting a work, live and play environment in an inclusive location. The community’s plan to sell and guide redevelopment of the Old Town Yard is therefore very important to me. The Request for Proposals to be issued by the town checks off many of the boxes on our list.

The Old Town Yard is the ideal location for forward-thinking redevelopment and all it encompasses: arts and culture, walkability, location near train, retail, restaurants, housing, recreation and community spaces.

For Gen Z’ers, it’s all about accessibility and creating a community feel. Instead of needing to travel to multiple places throughout the day, the Old Town Yard will act as a hub, catering to the desire for a close-knit downtown. Gen Z’ers desire to feel connected and seek opportunities to make positive changes. What really excited me about this redevelopment is the truly blank canvas it offers. Nearby downtowns are thriving under similar models and many local Gen Z’ers (including myself) frequent those towns. We would love to support our own community with thoughtful retail, diverse restaurants and a range of housing located near green space and an idyllic river.

Additionally, as an environmental studies major at Holy Cross, I am extremely proud that the Request for Proposals calls for the achievement of LEED standards — I applaud Andover for its environmental awareness.

I didn’t move to Andover until high school, so I have a unique connection to the town and perspective on this new development. I firmly believe that this redevelopment will elevate Andover for its residents and make it a more welcoming destination for my generation and those to come.









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