Editor, Townsman:

An interesting juxtaposition of opinions on the Townsman’s May 19 opinion page: An editorial advocating that we begin planning for the upcoming growth of the senior citizen population and a letter-to-the-editor castigating the town planners for attempting to do just that.

As with all contentious issues, there are merits to both sets of concerns. One concern is that multi-story buildings are out-of-place in neighborhoods of single-family homes.

The other concern is the upcoming wave of seniors who will need specialized care. The seniors who will live in the multi-story buildings will have remarkable life stories of their own. If we don’t welcome them into our neighborhoods, what is left? Banishing them, out-of-sight, out-of-mind, to the outskirts of town?

The real issue we need to address is that our population is getting older. Replacing our town planning officials would not address that.

Peggy Kruse and Rich Cloutier

145 Argilla Road, Andover, MA

Nancy Mulvey

104 High Plain Road, Andover

Nancy Gump, 12 Pioneer Circle, Andover


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