Editor, Townsman:

The recent letter from Mark Bernardin (May 12, 2016) concerning the Andover Planning Board’s accountability to the residents was right on target. 

How can we have a board that ignores the actual words written in their own mission statement, town’s master plan and town surveys from its residents? Thousand of dollars and, more importantly, hours upon hours of time volunteered by residents of Andover, drafting these reports, simply ignored by a few people who seem to be on their own mission, not that of the Town. 

I’m part of the Strawberry Hill group that Mark speaks about, and like the Elm Street residents, we have been ignored and are also now in expensive litigation against the town. Think of it folks, these groups are spending thousands of dollars of their own money to fight against people who we have already paid, with our own money, and yours, through taxes. (Planning Board Director,Paul Materazzo and Town Counsel Thomas Urbelis). 

Amazing. All because they think the hundreds of residents, who spent night after night expressing their dissatisfaction at meetings, don’t know what they want in their own neighborhood. They know what’s best for us. If these developments were going into their neighborhoods we all know it would be a different story, don’t we? 

Statements like “the vision which identifies the core values that bind Andover residents together” are throughout these various documents I alluded to earlier and I believe there in lies our largest problem. How can someone who doesn’t have “any skin in the game,” as the old saying goes, have “Andover resident values”? They can’t. Planning Board Director Paul Materazzo needs to be fired and human resources should change the job description to read “must be an Andover resident.” 

Then, and only then, will we have someone who can plan with “Andover resident values.”

Charles K. Erban II

249 Lowell St., Andover


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