Editor, Townsman:

This letter is my strong endorsement for both Bill Perkins and Bob Pokress for School Committee. These long time residents and seasoned gentlemen have the complementary, balanced and extensive experience vitally needed. Some details:

1) The school committee is no place for amateurs. It is a place where executive level policies and decisions are made. The experience necessary for doing this job effectively can only come from years on the job - between these two gentlemen over 70 years.

2) Bill Perkins has extensive experience as a professional engineer (PE) with Andover building: advance planning, design, cost containment, and contractor management. Associated with our school building projects are huge costs, and schedules are important. They promise to continue well into the future. His skills are essential for keeping these costs under control while delivering a quality result.

3) Bob Pokress has the right experience as a senior commander in the Coast Guard, as a manager at Bell Labs and as a high-tech CEO. He will insist on using high-level budgeting to distribute available money without waste. Good executives understand that to micro-mange or to try to manage from the outside is to invite ineffectiveness and high costs. Amateurs commonly see larger budgets as the only answer to problems.

4) Both gentlemen greatly value input from both citizens and school professionals. Rather than seeing questions as criticism they see them as an opportunity to make things better.

5) I feel sure that both of these gentlemen will defer to the new town manager and the new school superintendent for fiscal issues (unless they feel intervention is necessary).

6) Neither has any patience for bickering, rudeness, social climbing or yelling. These behaviors all detract from and delay useful work.

7) Both believe that excellent teachers need adequate support so they can instill lifelong desire to learn in their students.

Vote for the two P’s on March 22. That’s what I will be doing.

William Ham

92 Wildwood Road



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