Editor, Townsman:

I’m addressing Rep. Tram Nguyen’s editorial regarding the abortion bill she is co-sponsoring. I invite anyone to compare the existing Massachusetts abortion law against her proposed House Bill 3320 Roe Act and see what protections her proposed bill removes for post-viability abortions. You’ll understand how Rep. Nguyen misleads. Her proposed bill broadens the right to kill an unborn child right up to the moment of birth itself – and allows babies born alive to be left to die!

In addition, if passed the Roe Act will:

• Let vulnerable underage girls as young as 12 get abortions without parental consent or even a judicial bypass.

• Legalize all abortions up to birth for any reason (physical, emotional, psychological, familial, age and “well-being”).

• Eliminate the law requiring that abortions after 24 weeks be done in a hospital. This puts women at serious risk.

• Eliminate the law requiring physicians to provide life-saving medical aid to infants “accidentally” born alive during a late-term abortion. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, at 25 weeks an unborn child, provided with medical treatment, has a 72 percent survival rate.

I’ve visited Rep. Nguyen’s office and called numerous times; she is never available. I’ve asked that Rep. Nguyen call me back to discuss the Roe Act; she has never called. Her aide stated that I could not schedule an appointment to meet her … so much for constituent responsiveness. This Bill 3320 (Roe Act) greatly harms rather than protects women and girls.





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