Editor, Townsman:

Neither Diane Riemer’s nor Champa Bilwakesh’s recently submitted rebuttals to Theresa Gorey’s description of what the Roe Act seeks to accomplish make any attempt to dispute the actual goals of the bill. I noticed they tried to defend the bill’s “intent.” Many intentions, even if considered by some to be noble, can and often do have unintended consequences.

They both also clearly objected to Ms. Gorey’s straightforward language and assessment of the aims of the bill, but neither refute the facts – as a for instance, they claim the bills are only making abortion “more accessible.” “More accessible” is merely a euphemism for “easier for minors to obtain without their parents’ consent.”

Euphemism is the pro-abortion lobby’s only hope for persuading people. It seeks to obscure the stark reality of what abortion is – the willful destruction of a brand-new human life. We can call what a pregnant woman grows in her body a “clump of cells” in order to divert attention from what is being destroyed – but anyone who is right now reading this letter also started out his or her life as a clump of cells.

The new (and, in my humble opinion, horrifying) dimension of this and similar bills introduced in other state legislatures, is the extent to which they aim to broaden the “clump of cells” euphemism to mean any unborn baby, right up to the moment of birth and beyond, rather than the generally accepted first trimester time frame for abortion.

We all share a common bond in nature – all life in the natural world struggles to survive, not die, regardless of circumstance. Rich or poor, all people are entitled to live. The unvarnished idea of killing a near or full-term human baby is repugnant. Our country bore the stain of another thoroughly repugnant practice for too many years – slavery. I hope and pray that one day the practice of abortion will be abolished as well. Imagine the accomplishments, discoveries and advances those 40 million-plus souls could have achieved if they had only been given the chance to live.





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