Editor, Townsman:

The push for Sanctuary Cities is a dangerous delusion that will not make anyone living in the United States safer whether they are lifelong citizens or illegal aliens.

A founding principle of American society is that we live under the Constitutionally established Rule of Law. It applies to all citizens and non-citizens alike. In order to maintain a civil society, we agree to live by these laws and we agree to appoint other citizens to enforce these laws. Anyone who breaks a law is subject to carefully considered enforcement policies and procedures. Anyone who breaks certain laws may be arrested and removed from society for the protection of the other law-abiding citizens. The stability and peace of mind provided us by living under the Rule of Law is what allows America to be prosperous and attractive to millions of people all over the world.

As John Thompson sagely pointed out (Andover Townsman, Dec. 19), Congress passed the 1996 Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act during the Clinton administration. The act clearly directs local law enforcement to cooperate with FBI and ICE officials to deport all immigrants convicted of crimes. Those who are pushing for sanctuary city legislation make specious claims about the motives for arresting and deporting illegal immigrants. For example, they decry that current law enforcement policies cause illegal immigrants to “live in fear of being removed from their families.”

Here’s a news flash for anyone not paying attention or too steeped in partisan ideology to notice:

Every individual who commits a felony in the United States of America should live in fear of being removed from society.

Citizens who commit felonies are just as likely to live in fear and seek to hide from police as are illegal immigrants who also commit crimes. Immigrants are not receiving any cruel or unusual punishments. Our convicted citizens are likely to end up in our jails. By law, convicted illegal immigrants are to be arrested and then deported.

It seems proponents of Sanctuary Cities only care about granting immunity to illegal immigrant criminals and letting them stay among us.









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