Editor, Townsman:


This is a complain about the traffic signal control outside the IRS and Mobile gas station on Route 133.

Route 133 is a very busy street and cars on Route 133 should have priority to pass through that traffic light. But we often have a long backup on Route 133 (westbound) especially during high-traffic hours. Many times, we notice that each green signal only allows one or two cars on Route 133 to pass through before it turns red again. As soon as an east-bound car on Route 133 stops for a left turn to go into the apartment area, the signal for the west bound through traffic instantly changes to red.

A similar situation also happens when cars try to exit from the apartment area (probably three out of five times). The results are a traffic jam on Route 133 westbound, with cars often backed up to Wild Rose Drive and sometimes as far as the animal hospital area.

The traffic signal should be adjusted to allow a certain green light period, such as 30 seconds or so for Route 133 westbound traffic. Turning/exiting traffic should only be allowed to trigger their signals after that set time period, not instantly, so at least five to 10 through-traffic cars will pass through every green signal, instead of one or two cars as is the case now.

Iris Chen





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