Editor, Townsman:

I am writing in support of the solar zoning bylaw amendment that will appear in the town warrant at the Town Meeting.

This bylaw amendment supports the installation of solar panels in Andover while taking into consideration the aesthetic, safety, environmental and neighborhood impacts. Without a bylaw in place, the town currently has no guidelines concerning installation of ground-mounted solar panels and carport mounted solar panels in residential areas.

I am in favor of solar panels. In fact, we installed solar panels on our roof a few years ago. Before installing the panels on the roof, we considered putting panels in our side yard instead. However, after realizing how it would look and potentially impact our neighbors, we decided the roof installation was the best option.

We also did not want to look out of our windows every day to see rows of ground mounted panels and did not want to subject our neighbors to that view either. Also, the possible detriment to our and our neighbors' property values had to be considered.

Please come to Town Meeting and show your support for this bylaw amendment by voting yes. This bylaw has been written in the best interestS of our town and to promote the expanded use of solar panels in a respectful, safe and thoughtful manner.





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