Editor, Townsman:

As a parent of an Andover South Elementary School student, I have read the articles concerning claims of a hostile work environment — made by teachers against other teachers — with growing concern.

When the leader of the Andover Education Association (AEA) publicly accused the principal of South Elementary School of being the cause before an investigation was complete, he seemed to redirect attention away from the teachers themselves. An orchestrated social media pile-on soon followed — vilifying anyone who questioned or disagreed with the AEA leader or his supporters. This is nothing short of online bullying, and served to senselessly divide the community.

When the teachers union tries to win points at the expense of someone’s reputation, it calls into question their motives.

I am unambiguous about the positive changes made by Tracy Crowley since she became principal. Her passion, energy and focus for creating a welcoming, safe and nurturing environment for the students has been on full display. The result has been the development of conditions where learning is important, supported and fun. My own child has experienced this positive difference first-hand. In recent weeks, I’ve heard from other students and parents whose support is no less than my own.

And to the many incredible teachers educating our children at South School, I want to express my gratitude. Your dedication and hard work is evident every day and is appreciated.

Tracy Crowley deserves our recognition and support for what matters most — making our children her first priority.






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