Editor, Townsman:

It’s important to remember who we are.

It is also important to remember to remember who we AREN’T.

As a student of Andover High School, graduating early June, I was appalled to see that emblazoned on the front of the senior T-shirts were the words “Straight Outta Andover.” While some may argue it is a comical take on the movie “Straight Outta Compton,” it is not. It has passed the line from funny to offensive. Andover is not Compton. We do not suffer from authority figures who look down upon us due to race. Most of us do not understand that because we are a white community and have been blessed to have not been treated as second-class citizens due to our race.

No, this shirt is unacceptable. It stands for ignorance and a lack of understanding of the message of “Straight Outta Compton.” I am ashamed to have been given this shirt by the school and I am even more ashamed that they expect us to wear this proudly as a symbol of our time at Andover High School.

It is possible to create a shirt that does not offend anyone. I know because it has been done for years and years before this. However, I believe Andover High has severely dropped the ball and quite a few students and faculty that I have spoken to deem this shirt offensive and derogatory.

Please, Andover High, I expected better than this.

Lee Lebensbaum

46 Lovejoy Road, Andover


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