Editor, Townsman:

I don’t like to get into a public debate with people I don’t know, but after reading the letter from the Crabtrees attacking Rep. Jim Lyons I felt a need to weigh in. 

They “wonder why it was controversial for people to use the bathroom that aligned most closely to their gender identity.” Most people oppose the idea, even in liberal Massachusetts, because it is an offensive notion. Unlike the Crabtrees, however, I wouldn’t attack a legislator supporting it for not “playing his role in a representative democracy.”

By speaking out against the crazy notion of allowing grown men to use any bathroom or locker room they feel like, Rep. Lyons is representing his district, unlike most representatives who just go along with the political elite to keep their jobs. While the Crabtrees say that in opposing this terrible bill he “fans the flames of demagoguery and bias,” I commend him for having the courage to stand up for his convictions at any cost.

The far left is using many tactics to destroy our unique American culture, three of which are used here by the Crabtrees: 1. Attack free speech to ridicule and limit public debate. 2. Attack thousands of years of moral standards of living. 3. Take advantage of the level of apathy among voters which has led to a clear tyranny of the minority.

Thankfully a fine, principled man such as Jim Lyons is willing to speak and represent us and I strongly support his re-election.

Bill Perkins



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