Editor, Townsman:

On behalf of the Andover Center Playground Initiative, we want to thank all the town’s residents for the positive support and ‘yes’ vote for the proposed playground in the Memorial Playstead (Article 57). 

We envision that the playground will serve as a functional, central, multi-generational and welcoming gathering space for all Andover residents. Those of us who walk to the center of town from where we live thank you for your help in creating a central destination where young children can play, and parents and grandparents can congregate in our neighborhood, which promotes a green community and will energize the growing downtown.

We look forward to the continued process of planning and implementation with the many groups in town--the parents, the seniors, the business district, the neighbors, the youth, and the Municipal Services--- to establish an attractive and usable playground for now and the future.

Irina and Tim O’Brien

15 Elm Court, Andover

The letter was also signed by: Wendy Donohue, Susan Stott and Kay Berthold Frishman

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