To the Editor:

I just read about Douglas Ahern’s intentions to move or raze the 1860 historic house on Judson Road and I am outraged! Why did the Phillips Andover Trustees sell it to him in the first place? Did they know of his intentions? Do they care or respect the history and environment of this town? Did they ever consider that the neighbors and residents like me actually value the historic significance and beauty of 1800 architecture in Andover and New England – and appreciate it as I drive or walk through town? The Trustees at Andover are just as culpable as Mr. Ahern for what may be a great loss not just to a neighborhood but to our town.

The arrogance of Mr. Ahern’s intention is incomprehensible and yet, all too common! It has initiated yet another battle between residents and a “developer” who, this time, purchased a perfectly inhabitable house, for the good of no one but himself, with the intent of removing it one way or another, in order to build himself something grander, I’m sure, as a means of developing nothing but his own ego. But isn’t it always the human way (usually male) to change an environment to suit the desires of the individual without regard to the welfare of anyone or anything else – human, flora, or fauna?

Go find yourself your own McMansion Mr. Ahern already built and gilded – there are many around here to choose from installed for some individual’s profit on cul-de-sacs dug into former acres of farmland or wetlands, and walk to town from there – something I’m sure Mr. Ahern is not doing out of any sense of responsibility for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It’s just more convenient – for him – so much for anyone else.

I certainly hope the Andover Historical Society approves neither the removal nor the razing of the lovely house on Judson Street be it one year from now or 100. Please do your job.


Peggy Rambach

1 Arundel St

Andover, MA


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