Editor, Townsman:

As a resident of Andover since 1941 and a taxpayer since 1961 and a former member of the Finance Committee, I am concerned about the burden the taxpayer will carry over this plan being promoted to relocate the town yard. 

I am a retired excavation contractor which has also included snowplowing in the downtown area for 50 years. Andover is a large town, about 32 square miles, and I can’t begin to understand why a major function of the town would be located as far away as you can get from the general operation for the town’s public works department and best serve the needs of the town.

Does anybody care that it would take almost an hour to drive a loader and other machines to a job site? How long will you wait for a plow, a sander, or a water main break repair crew? Labor costs on a time basis would now not only be high, but the wear and tear on equipment would be very costly and totally non-productive. This is not a win-win situation but a form of accommodation to some with some benefiting at the cost of others.

As a possible answer to the space problems which I understand and always have, would be to move the tree department and possibly the water department equipment to a location such as Lupine Road. Possibly more space could be found on Pearson Street in the area of the town yard. Not everything needs to be at a central location. Another thought is that there are not many good roads toward town and most traffic from or to Campenelli Drive would end up going by West Elementary School at critical hours.

Where will the fire and police departments do their refueling?

Of course there is the concern about ground contamination.

I don’t think the town should be in the real estate business and give up this location forever once sold.

A.D. Gibson, Jr. (Sandy)

County Road, Andover 


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