Editor, Townsman:

When questioned in March about the sources of a last minute influx of cash ($371,000) to propel Rep. Trahan from a distant fourth place to a very narrow victory, let's remember her lie. She defiantly and even indignantly told us, her constituents, that the funds came from her earnings as CEO and sole employee of Concire.

This explanation always defied logic. She refused to name even one client that provided her with a very large income, all while running a full-time Congressional campaign. Her story just didn't ring true to many people. Now she's hoping we forget this lie and believe her new lie: that her husband, David Trahan, gave her the money and this is okay. Of course it's a clear violation of campaign finance laws to everyone else. If it's so okay, why did Rep. Trahan lie about it month after month, including an adamant statement to the Boston Globe that her husband didn't give her the money. Now it's been reported that they aren't cooperating with the investigation. Why did she lie? Because she knew it wasn't okay.

The citizens of the 3rd Congressional District deserve better. We have no idea where the funds now in question originated from. Now is the time for a complete review of the Trahan finances as they pertain to her campaign. Ironically, Rep. Trahan ran her campaign on the need for complete transparency in government. Cheating to win can never be acceptable in the world's greatest democracy.







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