Editor, Townsman:

After the latest Mueller testimony, one thing has become very clear ... there was a coordinated government backed effort to interfere with the 2016 U.S. Presidential election. The corrupt effort began around 2014 and the government was our own, orchestrated by members of the Obama administration, Obama FBI, Obama Department of Justice, members of the Clinton campaign and others. Russian attempts to interfere have been going on since the Cold War era and continue to today. Russian interference has always aimed at creating chaos to undermine faith in the American Constitution, representative form of government and our unique "rule of law," all of which are the envy of freedom loving the world over.

This most recent election interference was designed initially to insert Hillary Clinton into the presidency. When that shockingly failed, it quickly morphed into a two pronged frantic attempt to: 1. reverse the election results and remove Donald Trump; and 2. to cover up the corrupt actions of many Obama administration officials, Clinton campaign members, Clinton Foundation activity and Hillary Clinton herself.

Never before in American history has there been such a pervasive and coordinated attempt to deceive the American people. The awesome powers entrusted to many of our government agencies and officials were used to deceive and corrupt our election processes. Thankfully there are investigations ongoing to uncover all of these abuses of power, bring the offenders to justice and insure that this type of governmental tyranny can never happen again.

What Russian operatives may have tried to do pales in comparison to the audacious fraud directed at the American people and our precious way of life.




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