Editor, Townsman:

As many of you know, our Republican President and Congress are planning on "repealing and replacing" the Affordable Care Act (better known as "Obamacare"). This is a law that has greatly improved our country's healthcare system and has aided the lives of millions of Americans. 

The effects of repealing this law, aside from the fact that a replacement plan is likely to follow long after, would be disastrous. The Affordable Care Act is a web of different provisions, each being vital to the overall success of the law. One provision I'd like to focus on, however, is the mandate, because it is the biggest target for Republicans. 

Healthcare prices are lower when more healthy people are insured because they are a low cost for companies, but provide the insurance companies with more money. This allows them to afford the costs of the sick people's treatment. 

Many of the healthy people who currently have health insurance do so only because the mandate incentivized them to. If these healthy people are no longer encouraged, through the mandate, to have health insurance, the premiums of those who are sick will rise dramatically.

If the ACA were repealed, approximately 20 million Americans who are currently insured, no longer would be. These are our fellow citizens. It may be your friend, your neighbor; it may even be you. Regardless, if the Affordable Care Act is repealed, and replaced with an inferior law, millions of lives will be negatively affected. We must save the ACA!

Matthew Allen 

8 Penni Lane 



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