To the editor:

Last Wednesday marked the start of the Biden-Harris administration and the start of America’s next chapter. As on every Inauguration Day, we hope for a successful presidential term, one that will bring new and continued success for our country.

Together we will rebuild our country, guided by experienced leaders President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. 

Everything about this year has been described as unprecedented, but for Biden and Harris, who have overcome great adversity in their personal lives, many of the pains and struggles now plaguing Americans are all too familiar.

After tragically losing his wife and daughter in an accident, and later losing his son Beau, Biden shares the grief of Americans who suffered personal loss this year without a proper goodbye.

Harris began her career as an attorney, inspired to protect and defend others after her close friend opened up about an abusive home life. She has been a fierce advocate for people seeking justice, and she has played a critical role in changing the system to better serve those it claims to protect.

As the first female, Black and South Asian vice president, Harris is well versed in surmounting barriers no previous vice president has faced.

In the face of personal and professional adversity, Biden and Harris embody the shared resilience of our nation.

They enter the White House under some of the most challenging circumstances our county has ever experienced, though the current economic turmoil is reminiscent of Biden’s first arrival in the White House in 2008. He helped restore our economy once before, and we can entrust him to once again get Americans back to work.

Americans’ will to overcome is strong, and we are fortunate to embark on this next chapter in our nation’s history with resilient, magnanimous leaders who are determined to serve as president and vice president to all Americans, not only to those whose votes they earned.

If we can unite as Americans in our shared yearning for better days and vow to forge ahead, this next chapter will be brighter.

Sen. Barry Finegold




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