Editor, Townsman:

I concur with the letter in last week's newspaper about the traffic light problem at the IRS and apartment complex on Route 133.

For several months now, I have used the protracted delay that can occur at these lights to jot down the number of westbound cars on Route 133 that get through after the light turns green

I do not experience this every day; however, there have been numerous days when only two or three cars got through after the light turned green, and, in some cases, my notes state that the second or third car went through after the light had already turned red again.

I agree that the programming of this traffic signal needs to be revised to allow a reasonable number cars on Route 133 to pass through during each green light.

In addition, how this situation came to pass should be explored, to ensure that it will not happen at any new traffic lights in the future.

Peggy Kruse



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