Editor, Townsman:

I’m writing to let people know about the proposed legislation being promoted by our Massachusetts legislators. Two co-sponsors are our own State Rep. Tram Nguyen and State Sen. Barry Finegold. The bills are House Bill 3320 (the ROE Act) and Senate Bill 1209. These bills expand the breadth of abortion to include late-term abortions right up to birth itself.

In addition to many other appalling changes to current law, these bills if passed:

-- Will let vulnerable underage girls as young as 12 get abortions without any parental consent or even a judicial bypass.

-- Will legalize abortions up to birth for virtually any reason.

-- Will eliminate the current requirement that abortions performed after 24 weeks be done in a hospital – this puts women at great risk.

-- Will eliminate current law that requires physicians to provide life-saving medical aid to infants born alive during a late-term abortion. Note: according to the New England Journal of Medicine, at 25 weeks an unborn child, provided with medical treatment, has a 72 percent survival rate.

The current Massachusetts law on abortion is disgraceful enough, but the proposed bills broaden the right to kill an unborn child at any stage – and in fact, will allow a baby born alive to be left to die with no consequences. This is infanticide!

I’ve visited Rep. Nguyen’s office and called numerous times; she is never available. I’ve asked that Rep. Nguyen call me back to discuss House Bill 3320, but she has never called. I’ve attempted to schedule an appointment to meet with Rep. Nguyen, but her aide told me I could not. Last September, I was privileged to be on local TV with Rep. Nguyen where she stated on camera that she would not support abortion past viability. Was this just to get elected? She is now co-sponsoring House Bill 3320, which expands abortion right up to the moment of birth, Disgusting.

Theresa Gorey

33 Brown St.





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