In Pittsburgh, 11 adults were gunned down by a white nationalist while they gathered to pray and bless a baby in a Jewish synagogue. One of the victims of this deadly shooting was a Holocaust survivor. Over 70 years after the fall of Nazi Germany, we are still fighting the atrocity of anti-Semitism in our world.

When Jesus (who was Jewish) was asked what the greatest commandment is, he responded, “Love God and love your neighbor as yourself.” We show our love for God through how we treat our neighbor. And we don’t get to decide to love only our neighbors who believe, vote, look, think, or worship in the same way that we do. We cannot self select who our neighbor is. There’s a spark of the divine in each of us.

In these days of divisiveness and vitriol, we invite you to come to South Church in Andover for an Interfaith Thanksgiving Service on Sunday, Nov. 18 at 5 p.m. More than 15 clergy from Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, and Christian traditions will stand side-by-side to offer prayers of peace, hope and love. When we join our voices in song and prayer, we banish the darkness and let the light of God’s love shine through. Come and join us in a spirit of unity and hope on Nov. 18.

Rev. Dana Allen Walsh & Rev. Alex Shea Will, South Church, Andover


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