Editor, Townsman:

After reading your article “Opening of I-93 carpool lane draws criticism,” I am convinced that not one person that contributed to the article could possibly commute on I-93 into Boston every day. Because if they did, like I have for the last 20 years, they would know that the current HOV accomplishes neither goal of reducing greenhouse emissions or congestion.

In 1999, the traffic back up on I-93 started at the beginning of the HOV in Medford resulting in a typical a 35-40 minute commute to the financial district from Dascomb Road. Since the completion of the Central Artery project, the back ups routinely start as far back as Montvale Avenue, 10 miles from Boston, doubling the commuting time for the same trip. This past week, by opening up the HOV to traffic, my commute has dropped by 15-20 minutes.

My suggestion is MassDot extend the commute lane out at least 5 miles and open it up for HOV and those willing to pay a toll during rush hours. This concept should applied to the northbound lanes as well since the traffic is getting just as bad, and starting much earlier in the afternoon. I believe this approach has the best chance of reducing emissions, congestion and providing funds for infrastructure.

Stephen Vallarelli

3 Reynolds St.







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