Editor, Townsman:

Freedom North Shore, a small group of North Shore citizens working to ensure the health and well-being of women, children and families in Massachusetts, delivered letters with 300-plus signatures calling on Gov. Baker, Sen. Tarr and Rep. Jones to speak out against the misleading propaganda and lies being sponsored by Jim Lyons and the Massachusetts GOP. The MassGOP is falsely accusing our representatives of supporting infanticide. That is a blatant lie. Infanticide is murder and accusing Democrats on Beacon Hill of this heinous act is a dangerous lie.

MassGOP supporters attended the Tewksbury town hall and distributed a disturbing flyer with photos of Rep. Arciero, Rep. Robertson, Rep. Golden and Rep. Nguyen on one side, accusing them of supporting ‘infanticide’ and a photo of a newborn baby on the back with blatant lies as talking points, like: legalize infanticide, eliminate parental consent & notification laws completely, expand on-demand, no-questions-asked abortions beyond 24 weeks.

We are calling on Gov. Baker, Sen. Tarr and Rep. Jones as leaders of the Republican Party on Beacon Hill to denounce these tactics and stand up in support of their colleagues on Beacon Hill. We ask that the statement correct the public record, informing voters in the Commonwealth about the facts of the ROE Act.

We believe that no elected official should be targeted by a smear campaign because of their position on a specific piece of legislation. We believe in rigorous debate, with both sides using facts and science-based arguments to state their case. Massachusetts has a long history of civil and informed debate, and yet we hear a deafening silence from the MassGOP leadership. We collected 300-plus signatures from around the state in less than 24 hours to ask for public statements.


Bambi Snodgrass

Founder, Freedom North Shore 


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