Editor, Townsman:

The huge amount of ignorance in Andover is mind-boggling, particularly at Memorial Hall Library where a couple events were held on the topic of on climate change. Some folks spread false rumors that there were so-called “climate deniers” present, when in fact no one who was there denies that the climate changes.

The unsettled debate is on how much humans affect the changes. Unfortunately the event sponsors are running a propaganda-filled “the-sky-is-falling-now” political agenda which does not welcome any discourse that deviates from their one-sided narrative, even if science says otherwise.

Anyone who does not agree with them is subject to being isolated, marginalized and ridiculed. It’s classic Saul Alinsky fascism 101. As one example of the complete and total foolishness, their speakers were proud proponents of the Paris Accords, simply because President Trump got us out of it, but not based on the merits of the deal.

The Paris Accords is a complete scam that actually worsens pollution by allowing the likes of India and China to double pollution output, all while making a few select people wealthy from trading carbon credits in 2030, the same globalists who are funding these speakers.

The one bright spot was visits in the audience from green scientist Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, who gave a great presentations both times he was there, but particularly the second one when they let him speak, but not before first trying to exclude him and his friends from attending by having one of their climate-change-cult-zombies unsuccessfully attempt to accuse them of being “troublemakers” to Andover Police, complete with pictures.

So, folks, the next time your lost little leftists friends have a knee-jerk reaction of falsely marginalizing someone as a “climate denier” or “holocaust denier," think back to the Salem witch trials of the 1600s where, coincidentally, the most innocent victims were lynched in Andover, home of many “tolerant” liberals.

Peace to all, and God bless Trump, who is not only making America great again for us all, but also making the world great again. Moonbat meltdown in 3, 2, 1...

Frank Licata

36 Vine St.



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