Editor, Townsman:

I noticed something when I visited my daughter in California. The parking spaces reserved for the handicapped in shopping centers and town parking lots in her town are marked handicapped OR elderly.

While not all seniors are handicapped many are afraid of slipping on ice or falling in bad weather. Many need to walk slowly or with assistance, or may be due to illness. This way they can park closer to the door of the business or offices.

Seniors in Andover often feel their needs don't get addressed enough. This may be a considerate thing to do, particularly when the handicapped spaces are often vacant. Stop and Shop reserves spaces for mothers with children, which is a very nice, community-sensitive thing to do. How about also taking care of the elders? If marked clearly "for the Elderly" I don't believe those spaces will will be abused.

Champa Bilwakesh

5 Garfield Lane E



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