Editor, Townsman:

For most of the years since I moved to Andover in 1993, I was unaware of the existence of, services provided by, or opportunity afforded Andover’s residents by the Senior Center. Then I joined a yoga class offered there. I loved it. I signed up for a second, more advanced one as well. Then I convinced my husband to join yoga, and later he started taking Tai Chi, and subsequently signed up for more advanced lessons.

I also started participating in lectures, hiking groups and other events of interest published in the Senior Center newsletter. I’ve attended talks on things as varied as hiking in foreign lands to working on archaeological dig teams. Within a short time I found that visits to the Senior Center had become an integral element of my weekly routine, and that I was making new acquaintances.

My husband has been retired now for approaching two years, and we both find ourselves viewing our Senior Center again through a different lens. I am much more aware of the range of services it provides to our seniors and the community as a whole. Everything from exercise and wellness classes, hiking groups, arts-based memory stimulation, through an adult supportive day program, which affords adult caregivers an opportunity to take time for themselves, as well as a variety of nutrition assistance programs.

I desire to age in place, in my home, in the community I call my own, as long as possible. To make that a reality, our community must be “age friendly" to all ages. “Age friendly” is much more than sidewalk curbs level to the road at intersections to minimize risk of falls. It’s services and programs that foster engagement among, and between, citizens of all ages. Our Senior Center provides that and more, playing a significant role in enabling citizens to age in place, and to stay in the community in which many have spent much of their lives, both attractive and possible.

Our Senior Center is a crucial element to the health and welfare of not just our seniors but our whole community.

Dana MacKay

21 Fossen Way








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