Editor, Townsman:

As a reader of the Townsman for most of my life, I could not let the June 6 article by Christian Wade go unanswered.  Mr. Wade asserts that Jim Lyons is somehow "steering" the Mass. Republican Party to the "far right," but this is not true. 

The Republican Party stands for traditional American values, such as the sanctity of human life. Our very freedoms derive from and depend on the truth that all people are created by God, all equal, and given the inalienable right to life. Failing to uphold that truth, we now allow the barbaric practice of abortion and soon, infanticide. We become not much better than the atheist socialist regimes that emerged in 20th century Europe. Those evil regimes exterminated more innocent people than any other century in human history.

I was also offended by Mr. Wade's quoting a prominent Democrat who stated that the members of the Republican Party are bigoted and hateful. This inflammatory language and outright lies have no place in the civil discourse of ideas and issues. I can truly say that I have never heard any bigoted or hateful speech from any of my fellow Republicans, either at a group event, or in private conversations.

Of course, Mr. Wade can choose to believe what he wishes. However, conservative values like the right to life, or say, the ability of a country to protect its citizens and to control its borders are hardly "far right." They are just right.

Helen Taylor

153 Captain Bacon Road

South Yarmouth, Mass.



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