Editor, Townsman:

As someone who cares deeply about our veterans and their families, I am writing to express my strong support for Tram Nguyen as our next state representative. Tram is a person who understands veterans and who will work tirelessly on Beacon Hill to support them. Tram is the daughter of a man who fought alongside U.S. troops in Viet Nam, who became a prisoner of that war, serving eight years in Communist re-education camps, and who came to this country with his family as political refugees.

With this history so much a part of her, Tram believes deeply that our veterans have earned the respect, admiration and support of all of us. As a lawyer, Tram has fought for veterans’ benefits and is committed to continuing that fight as state representative. She will advocate for our veterans and will work to provide them with the help they need and deserve, including health care and mental health services, education, and housing assistance.

Please join me in supporting Tram Nguyen on Nov. 6.

Bill Pennington

33 Wildwood Rd.









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