Editor, Townsman:

The recent firing of Coach Kuchar, the most successful and highly respected hockey coach in our high school's history, by Andover High's principal on the most lame of reasons in order to carry out Superintendent Berman’s revenge on this coach for personal reasons, compounded by Andover High's principal treating the high school like a mini police state by his trying to gag students in the high school from speaking to the press on this matter and then disciplining those who did ought to be the last straw for parents in our town in putting up with a superintendent who behaves as if the Andover School Department is his personal fiefdom.

For newcomers to Andover, Shelly Berman was shoved down our town's throat several years ago by the School Committee, which broke every single promise made to parents and residents as to how the search and selection of a new school department superintendent would be conducted when our previous school system superintendent had to leave, unexpectedly, for family reasons.

The behavior we see from Berman, in scandal after scandal within our School Department since he arrived, some of which he personally caused, is the direct result of the School Committee being completely derelict in their duty in how they filled this position and relying on, of all people, a mid-level school department bureaucrat, the School Department’s director of human resources, rather than their bringing in a top-quality search firm to conduct a nationwide search to find and assemble the best possible candidates to be considered as full-time Superintendent of our School Department when the previous Superintendent had to retire.

Berman’s wink-wink, nod-nod behavior with the high school principal and the director of athletics so as to exact revenge on Coach Kuchar for reasons everyone in Andover is already familiar would be grounds enough for any school committee with backbone to give Berman the heave-ho given the other scandals that have occurred, compounded by this one, since he became Superintendent. The kids in our town deserve much better than Dr. Berman as their School Superintendent. Hopefully, there will be an outcry by large numbers of parents at School Committee meetings that enough is enough, that Berman must go. It’s high time, given this litany of scandals in our School Department, that the School Committee have the guts to admit they’ve been wrong and make this current school year Berman’s last in Andover.

Bob Pokress

3 Cherrywood Circle



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