Editor, Townsman:

Current global warming has been linked to human activity by the majority of climate scientists. According to the 2018 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, humanity has a limited amount of time to reduce fossil fuel emissions and switch to renewable energy sources before we begin to see societal breakdown, and the IPCC report is considered conservative by many scientists because it failed to take into account the earth’s ‘tipping points.’

According to The Guardian article, 'Tipping points' could exacerbate climate crisis, scientists fear, by Fiona Harvey, “The IPCC report sets out the world’s current knowledge of the impacts of 1.5C of warming and clearly shows the dangers of breaching such a limit. However, many scientists are increasingly worried about factors about which we know much less. These 'known unknowns' of climate change are tipping points, or feedback mechanisms within the climate system – thresholds that, if passed, could send the Earth into a spiral of runaway climate change.”

Humanity has a choice. Our first choice is to continue on with business-as-usual and continue to rely on short-term corporate profit and infrastructure that depends on fossil fuels. This will move us in the direction of insect, animal, plant, and eventually human extinction. Humans rely on insects, plant, and animal life to survive and without protecting these other life forms, humans will also head toward extinction. According to the Living Planet Report 2018, released by the World Wildlife Fund, we have already lost 60% of animal life since 1970 because of the effects of human behavior on the earth.

Our second choice is to begin to rapidly phase out our reliance on fossil fuels. We would have to sacrifice exponential economic growth and move to renewable energy sources. This would protect the health and survival of life on earth. We must listen to scientists, heed their warnings, and make a collective choice to change our current course.

If you want to get involved, consider joining non-violent direct action groups that are challenging government and media inaction like 350 Mass Action, Extinction Rebellion Massachusetts, and the Sierra Club.

Alison Page

2 Pioneer Circle






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