Editor, Townsman:

As a member of the Electronic Voting Study committee, I take exception to the Townsman editorial of May 16, 2019. The editorial states that no presentations about electronic voting were given before Town Meeting.

This is untrue as there were several public forums. The Townsman should not project inaccurate information in its editorials.

Secondly, the Townsman derides Sheila Doherty's leadership. Sheila has done an outstanding job as moderator for thirteen years. She is unbiased, professional, and provides leadership every step of the way. Sheila is continuously re-elected as the townspeople show enormous confidence in her.

To criticize her so harshly, the Townsman stepped over the line. Finally, electronic voting was rejected by Town Meeting after a healthy and lengthy discussion. The Townsman oversimplifies this discussion and calls e-voting a no-brainer. The subject is much more complex than the Townsman states and I respect the vote of Town Meeting. Sadly, our town newspaper has crossed the line and attacked the moderator, the e-voting committee, and Town Meeting itself. These combined actions lead the Townsman into decidedly negative territory..

Paul Cavicchi


12 Marion Ave.




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