Editor, Townsman:

Lori Trahan won the Democratic primary by 145 votes, and voters want to know if the last-minute ad blitz that catapulted her from a distant fourth in the polls to a narrow victory was legally funded. Her OpEd mentioned an FEC complaint filed in April, but she hasn't yet responded to the one filed in March. She's amended her filings so many times, even a former FEC official can't understand them.

If a candidate has an FEC violation, they generally enter conciliation and pay a fine. Perhaps that's why she hired the law firm, to negotiate her fine and not just to check her filings. If a violation occurred, then it directly swung the election to her and can't be resolved by any fine. Where would that leave our democracy?

Ms. Trahan says her 2017-2018 earnings, $626,000, give proof of sufficient resources. But earnings don't equal savings; taxes and debt get in the way. She earned $545,000 in 2015-2016, and $371,000 in 2017, but her May 2018 FEC filing reportedly showed savings of $15,000.

A Congressional campaign is a full-time job, just ask Mr. Koh (second in the primary) who resigned as Chief of Staff for the Mayor of Boston, or Ms. L'Italien (third) who gave up her State Senate seat, or Ms. Matias, who left her State Rep seat. But Ms. Trahan earned $265,000 while campaigning full-time in 2018, and won't tell voters how.

In 2018, money poured into her consultancy business. This matter might be over if she would name clients, show invoices and work products. Her refusal raises suspicions. This is the business she says she co-founded. The one actually founded five years before she was hired.

On Sept. 21, Democrats gathered in Lowell to unify the party around her. Sen. Warren gave a speech, everyone came. Except Ms. Trahan. Her campaign said she was in New York, fundraising. Now who in New York cares about the Third Congressional District of Massachusetts?

You can express your views here: Office of the General Counsel, Federal Election Commission, 1050 First St., NE, Washington, DC 20463.

Gene Blake

8 Spruce Circle




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