We have lived in Andover for nearly 40 years. My wife and I chose this town because of its highly regarded school system, access to public transportation, great highway access, a lively town center, and lots of open space to enjoy the great outdoors.

I now find that our reasons, which were well founded at that time, are rapidly being destroyed by the town's apparent strategy to yield to the desire to add cluster housing developments under the guise of creating affordable housing and community diversity.

This thinking is creating a future tidal wave of economic disaster. Our schools are becoming over-burdened, and now as a senior citizen in this great town, I say that it is time retake control of our future.

If we keep approving condos and housing clusters the ability to maintain diversity which should include a vibrant senior population will be history. Just do the math. If the proposed Shawsheen development of 150 units is approved this will accelerate the exodus of senior people.

If these housing units add a modest 80 students to our school system, the town will receive an estimated $750,000 property taxes, some excise, meal and sales taxes. However, the incremental students will cost in excess of $1,200,000. We all lose. We will experience more traffic, and a need for new classrooms, while the end result will be a negative cash flow to the community. Let's rethink the implications of yielding to the developers.

Roy M. Janis

56 Juniper Road



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