Editor, Townsman:

Jim Lyons, the chairman of the state Republican Party, has accused Democratic cosponsors of the bill, the ROE Act, of infanticide. This bill’s purpose is to guarantee that anyone, regardless of age, income, insurance, or immigrations status, can access safe, legal abortion. It safeguards women’s “personal decision and ability to prevent, commence, terminate, or continue their own pregnancy.” Many women who choose abortion are mothers themselves, and they come to this decision after careful consideration for their own personal reason. They are supported in their decision by the men in their life – husband, partner, parent, or friend.

Jim Lyons, the leader of the state GOP, wants the state to infringe on that fundamental human right, women’s autonomy over their body, and take complete control of her uterus. We know how that story ends whenever any institution, church or state, steps into a woman’s decision regarding her own body. Women die. Dr. Savita Halappanavar of Ireland was denied her request for an abortion following an incomplete miscarriage because it was illegal under Irish law. The law, under the influence of the Catholic Church, at that time forbade abortion if a fetal heartbeat was still present. After suffering for six days she developed septic miscarriage and died of a cardiac arrest. She was 31. Her tragic death, which would have been prevented if the hospital had performed an abortion, resulted in Ireland finally repealing its near-total ban on abortion. The repeal was voted into existence by a landslide victory.

Is this what Mr. Lyons really want for American women? To die, trying to access safe abortion by a trained doctor?

Please urge your state representative to do the right thing – vote for the ROE Act.

Champa Bilwakesh

5 Garfield Lane E.






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