This week's question:

The Andover Fire Department's new $1 million ladder truck is too tall to fit under the Horn Bridge. The structure of the bridge allows vehicles up to 11 feet, 6 inches tall to pass under it. The new ladder truck has a height of 11 feet, 11 inches. Do you want to know who is responsible for the mistake, and do you think they should be reprimanded?

Yes - We have a right to know who made the mistake, and there should be consequences.

No - As long as it gets fixed, it doesn't matter.


Last week's question:

State transportation officials opened the high-occupancy vehicle lane on Interstate 93 south to all commuters to alleviate traffic that has increased due to work on the Tobin Bridge. Now, the state is mulling whether to keep the lane open for the duration of the two-year project, or restore the restrictions to carpools and buses. What do you think should happen?

Yes. Keep the lane open to all traffic. Otherwise, I-93 will be a nightmare. 14 votes

No. Bring back the HOV lane. It rewards those who carpool or park and ride, and the restriction should be restored. 8 votes


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