Overnight 10 new pumpkins “grew” in the Sanborn Elementary pumpkin patch after a parent posted a photo of Bancroft “winning” with the number of Andover Coalition for Education pumpkins placed with their scarecrow.

“It wasn’t meant to be a competition, but it’s turning into a fun little one,” said Carlie Hornbrook, an ACE board member. “Our motto is: If everyone gave a little we’d have a lot.”

The annual scarecrow festival has spread to include pumpkin patches at the local elementary schools and Shawsheen Preschool to help people realize where the funds go and bring in new families, Hornbrook said.

So far the 96 scarecrows along Main Street and pumpkins in patches at the local schools have raised more than $25,000 for the Andover Coalition for Education.

That number is expected to grow as scarecrows will be auctioned off and pumpkins are still being sold.

The scarecrow festival is one of ACE’s largest fundraisers of the year.

The nonprofit uses those funds to give grants to teachers for projects and to fund education programs across the district, including take-home science kits for middle schoolers last year. The nonprofit has given out more than $900,000 to support Andover Public Schools.

The $10 donations signified by plastic pumpkins at the schools “are a great show of support to teachers walking into the schools every day,” Hornbrook said. “Some of that money goes to the innovation fund, which is grant money going to the teachers for projects they want.”

As of Tuesday, Bancroft was leading the pack with 22 pumpkins, Sanborn and West Elementary were tied with 19, South Elementary had seven and both High Plain and Shawsheen Preschool had 6.

Scarecrows will be on Main Street Oct. 30. For more information visit aceandover.org.

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