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RYAN HUTTON/Staff photoSarah Lane, a seventh-grade English and language arts teacher at West Middle School in Andover, gets some help from for…

RYAN HUTTON/Staff photoEthan Gervais, 8, waits patiently for a nibble on his fishing line.

RYAN HUTTON/Staff photoEthan Gervais, center, 8, looks on as Niko Dimidis, left, 7, pulls a fish from the water.

RYAN HUTTON/Staff photoMassWildlife fisheries technician Peter Rawinski helps Niko Dimidis, 7, with his casting technique.

RYAN HUTTON/Staff photoCharlie Andelman, 7, rushes to the water's edge with his fishing pole.

RYAN HUTTON/Staff photoAs Charlie Andelman, left, 7, looks on, Niko Dimidis, right, 7, shouts with excitement.

RYAN HUTTON/Staff photoPeter Rawinski, a MassWildlife fisheries technician, helps a group of children practice their casting.