Andover senior Sean Bradshaw can’t remember the last time he didn’t get an A in one of his classes, but he suspects that it might have been seven years ago.

“The only time I can remember was in sixth grade math,” he said. “I got all straight A’s as a freshman and sophomore and one A-minus last year.”

Although Andover does not currently release class ranks, Bradshaw is likely in the top 10 of his senior class with his unweighted GPA of 3.99. And, thanks to three AP classes, a weighted GPA of 4.53. He also has a combined SAT score of 1,440 and an impressive 34 ACT score to his credit.

In sports, Bradshaw gets all A’s from his coaches as well, particularly — and understandably — from Andover swim coach Mark Taffe.

Bradshaw has been the Golden Warriors’ No. 1 diver for four years and won four straight MVC championships while also placing high in sectional and state competition.

“He’s a remarkable young man who puts in the work to be successful,” said Taffe.

Bradshaw was also a starting defender and stalwart the last two years for the Golden Warriors’ soccer team and, in the spring, plays on the ultimate frisbee club team as a receiver.

“That (ultimate frisbee) is probably my favorite sport,” said Bradshaw. “It’s so much fun, like football but different, and it’s really big in Andover. You can get a good workout playing.”

In addition to diving for the Warriors, Bradshaw has enjoyed comparable success diving for SOLO Aquatics, something which can tax his schedule and make him study whenever he can.

“I always can find the time to do the studying I need but it’s hardest during diving season,” said Bradshaw. “Because there’s not enough room in the pool, I’ll go to practice before the swimmers start working out, then I’ll go home and do homework and then go to practice, usually in Haverhill, at eight or nine o’clock.”

A member of the National Honor Society, Bradshaw has won several academic awards including the prestigious Holy Cross Book Award, and he’s a member of DECA in which he competes in business competitions twice a year.

He credits his academic factors to two things, but “mostly it just comes naturally to me since I’m competitive in every thing I do.”

The other factor is, as one might expect, his family. His father, Jay, is an engineer and his mother, Lisa, is a nurse, and they raised older brother Nick before him. Nick was a swim captain for the Warriors two years ago and is now at RPI studying Aerospace Engineering.

“My brother is extremely smart, smarter than me,” said Bradshaw. “My grandfather was a teacher and scientist and whenever we’d have a family get-together, they’d be talking about all sorts of things.”

Bucking the family trend, Bradshaw will not pursue engineering in his future. He will be studying business and has already been accepted to Villanova and hopes to hear soon from his first choice, Georgetown.

As for sports, he expects that his diving career is over, having done it since the sixth grade (”Seven years of diving is enough!”) but he hopes to continue playing club ultimate frisbee.

Whatever he does, Bradshaw will likely be striving to compete as hard as he can. 


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