Andover’s Aidan Cammann is one of the fastest rising stars in Massachusetts — and New England — high school basketball.

Just a sophomore, Cammann is already 6-foot-6, and has made his presence felt on the local scene.

This winter, the center averaged 14.7 points, 10 rebounds and three blocks per game. He scored a season-high 23 points in a win over Dracut and 22 points in a victory over North Andover.

“He’s potentially the best big man in Andover High history as long as he stays all four years,” said coach Dave Fazio. “He was our defensive backbone. He covered for many of our breakdowns with his shot blocking and ability to affect shots around the rim.”

Cammann took the time to answer questions about how he’s doing during the coronavirus outbreak:

1. How has the shutdown of sports affected you?

Having no sports has really affected my AAU or club basketball season. I will miss two tournaments that my team had scheduled during the live (recruiting) period.

2. Who do you know who is more affected than yourself?

Everyone knows a senior in high school or college that lost out on their last season of sports, or had their graduation cancelled, but I really think that the people most affected are the junior athletes in high school, specifically basketball and baseball players.

This is the time of the year where the juniors really need to step it up and start playing well if they want to play in college. The postponement of the AAU season has really cut into that precious time that players have left to get offers from colleges.

3. Under normal circumstances, what would you be doing right now?

Right now I would be in the middle of the AAU season and getting ready for the upcoming “live” period. This would be the time of year where I was playing the most basketball. Instead I’m just trying to stay in shape during the quarantine.

4. What were your goals coming into the spring and how have they changed?

I have the same goal, to improve on all aspects of my game. However, right now that looks more like strength training at my house than actually playing basketball.

5. If there has been a positive thing to come out of the virus, what is it?

The quarantine has really forced me to start to run for exercise. I’ve never really done that before. Usually I just play to get my cardio in, but now that I’m home all day every day things have changed. I’m trying to stay in shape, and in doing so might actually be in better shape at the end over this quarantine.

6. What makes you most upset about the virus?

The thing that is most upsetting to me is what the healthcare workers are having to deal with. My sister is currently in her first year of med school so cannot actually help with patient care, but she is trying to help the hospital find masks for the doctors that do see patients with the virus.

Seeing her ask anyone she can to help with the situations has really made me understand how unprepared we are for a situation like this and that is quite upsetting.

7. With no NBA, NHL or March Madness, how are you getting your sports fix these days?

To put it simply, I’m not.

8. To support local restaurants, which restaurant have you ordered takeout from or would like to?

My brother and I love the sub shop in downtown Andover called D’Agostino’s and we have got a couple meals from them. 

9. What’s your go-to movie or show to stream?

I love the Harry Potter movies, and you can’t beat The Office to pass the time.

10. What will be the thing you’ll most want to do right away post-coronavirus crisis?

Go play basketball against other people instead of just dribbling in my basement.


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