Andover boys volleyball coach E.J. Perry took the time to honor every senior that would have played for his team this spring, had the season not been cancelled by the coronavirus.

Following are the athletes that would have led the Golden Warriors on the volleyball court in 2020:


Future plans: University of Arizona

Coach EJ Perry: “He earned All-MVC 2nd Team honors as a junior and was ready to bring our team to the next level.”

​MATT SACCO, libero

Future plans: Endicott College

Coach EJ Perry: “Was awesome as a junior at serving and playing the back row. Volleyball is his passion.”


Future plans: University of Rhode Island

Coach EJ Perry: “A JV setter last year, but was raised to the varsity and we were going to play a 6-2, so that he could set. Great leader.”

EION CHASE, defensive specialist

Future plans: University of Arizona

Coach EJ Perry: “He was JV back row hitter and defender. Played all summer and winter to make the big step to varsity this year.”

DANNY CRONIN, middle hitter

Future plans: Keene State

Coach EJ Perry: “Varsity middle last year and was considered the most improved player coming into this season. Was going to start at Middle hitter.”

ETHAN GASSE, middle hitter

Future plans: Concordia University in Montreal

Coach EJ Perry: “Varsity middle hitter last year and has been a four-year member of the program and three-year member of the varsity. Very good teammate.”

KEVIN ZHANG, outside hitter

Future plans: George Washington

Coach EJ Perry: “Joined the team last and played JV outside hitter. Loves the game of volleyball and really improved throughout the year.”

DAKE ZHANG, outside hitter

Future plans: Indiana University

Coach EJ Perry: “JV outside hitter and back row defender. Could have made the transition to varsity outside hitter. A team favorite and he made improvements.”


Future plans: Wentworth Institute of Technology

Coach EJ Perry: “Four-year player and great team guy. Fought to make the team as a freshman and really made strides as a back row player.”

ERIC QU, back row

Future plans: Boston College

Coach EJ Perry: “Very talented back row player and server. He was a four-year program member and wanted to end his senior starting on varsity and a championship.”

JUSTIN QIAO, outside hitter,

Future plans: Northeastern

Coach EJ Perry: “Started as an outside hitter, but because he is such a team guy agreed to play middle hitter when needed. Plays year-round volleyball.”

NILOY NEOGI, outside hitter

Future plans: Virginia Tech

Coach EJ Perry: “Team favorite four-year program player. Came out because he was a good athlete and learned the game.”

TIM LYNCH, middle hitter

Future plans: Quinnipiac University

Coach EJ Perry: “A two-year program guy. His 6-foot-4 frame made him the perfect candidate to be a middle hitter and had promise for this year. Great genes.”

BRYANT KROEGER, outside hitter

Future plans: University of Vermont

Coach EJ Perry: “Fought to be a starting outside hitter last year and played very well in the back row. Probably was going to start at outside hitter.”

PARKER HOUSTON, setter/outside hitter

Future plans: Gap year

Coach EJ Perry: “He is one of the reasons that we would change to 6-2 formation this year. He could do it all.”

AIDAN FOLEY, middle hitter/outside hitter

Future plans: Santa Monica College, volleyball

Coach EJ Perry: “Our starting middle hitter, he was capable of becoming an All-MVC outside hitter.”

ANEUDY MORENO, Outside hitter

Future plans: CUNY Queensborough CC

Coach EJ Perry: “Aneudy joined the team as a junior and while he started volleyball late, being a superior athlete proved to be key. He started on the JV and gradually moved up. His jumping skills and ability to block eventually led him to starting the final two games. He was expected to be an integral part of the volleyball team this year.”


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