Each week over the summer Andover Recreation recognizes outstanding kids and counselors from one of their summer programs to highlight as Superstars of the Week. This week, two from the Outer Limit program for middle schoolers were chosen

Veteran counselor Joey Spinale and longtime recreation department participant Malachi Bredy, 12, of Andover, are this week's superstars.

Superstars are chosen based on their work ethic, interactions with kids, positive attitudes and enthusiasm throughout the week. Superstars can be chosen for any number of reasons, including being helpful and respectful to counselors, including others in play, having a great attitude, and participating in all events enthusiastically.

Here’s a little bit about this week’s honorees:

Malachi Bredy, 12 of Andover, was selected by Outer Limits Directors Sandra Woodman and Arielle Gillette because he is an “all around good kid who tries everything with enthusiasm. He also brings a high level of involvement, teamwork and excitement to all the program activities."

They added in good fun, “plus he has cool hair.”

Malachi says his favorite thing about the summer is that there is no school and he gets to hang out with his camp buds and participate in all the fun camp activities. He couldn’t pick just one favorite counselor from the Outer Limits program because, “they are all amazing and fun,” he said.

Malachi, who has multiple fun nicknames such as Mal and Chi-Chi, says that in his free time he likes to play video games and go running. In the future he wants to be a YouTuber, because he “wants to have fun, get paid, and make others have a good time all at once.”

Joey Spinale, 19, of Andover, is a veteran staff member of Andover Recreation who has been a great employee throughout his four-year span in various roles in the department. This summer he continues his superlative work as a counselor at Outer Limits where he takes initiative to get games started, keeps kids involved, and inspires a competitive spirit that keeps things exciting at the program. For these reasons, plus his ability to spend time with and involve kids that are left out or having a hard time integrating into groups, Directors Gillette and Woodman say he was the perfect candidate for Counselor of the Week.

Joey himself says that his favorite thing about working with the kids is getting them to try new things and have fun. He also loves being outdoors, the warm weather, and fishing, which is one of his favorite hobbies, along with listening to music.

This fall Joey will be entering his sophomore year at UMass-Amherst, working toward his degree in Communications. Although he hasn’t decided on a definite career choice yet, Joey says he is strongly considering being a School Guidance Counselor.


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