Tim Cagle describes himself as a songwriter trapped in a lawyer’s body. Years ago, he spent some time in Nashville, writing songs and trying to break into the music business.

But that time eventually ended and his law degree from Suffolk University offered a much more lucrative career path.

Cagle started his own law practice and began working as a trial attorney in the fields of medical malpractice, products liability, and personal injury. He was also a law professor for many years, teaching courses in torts, evidence, and negotiations.

The singer, songwriter and guitar player loves to write and his book, "Whispers from the Silence," just came out in late June.

The paperback sells for $12.99 on Amazon, less for the Kindle version, and reads fast and furiously as his lead character, J.W. Steele, leaves New England for Nashville where he falls in love with another songwriter. They write songs together by waiting for the silence to whisper the lyrics.

Cagle said he likes to develop his characters by "watching and listening to people in everyday situations to learn exactly how people speak."

He added: "I love to observe people from various age groups and see how they relate. For example, I have been teaching guitar to the two teenage daughters of my neighbor, and interacting with them is a real hoot."

Married to Linda, a former healthcare executive and "a genuine inspiration," he said he is satisfied and proud of the book.

"Linda is thrilled (that the book is published) because she is sick of hearing me say that every situation in life can be described by a song lyric. I finally was able to write about it," Cagle said.

The book is at least partly autobiographical.

J.W. Steele is a former professional football player for the New England Patriots when a Nashville song producer calls him. They meet and Steele's lifelong dream to be a songwriter is about to be realized. His six-year marriage is over so the timing for a Nashville move is perfect.

Steele gets a coaching job to pay the bills and meets a lawyer-songwriter in Nashville. The couple falls in love. But, tragedy strikes, she rekindles a relationship with an ex, and he's left turning to music for help.

Much of Steele's character is based on Cagle himself. Cagle grew up in a small town south of Kansas City. He attended Kansas State University, played college football, and was a member of Sigma Chi fraternity.

He was a second lieutenant in the Army, then attended Suffolk University School of Law in Boston. After college, he spent some time playing in bands, singing at weddings and working as a single performer in nightclubs.

"I have written hundreds of songs, even though many of them suck worse than a turbo-charged Hoover upright," he told a blogger who was writing about his book.

He enjoys listening to country music — especially the song lyrics. Songwriter Lori McKenna of Massachusetts is a favorite. She wrote the hit song, "Humble and Kind," for country singer Tim McGraw.

Cagle said he is already under contract for his next book, “Unexpected Enemy,” a legal/medical thriller about a woman who goes for in vitro fertilization and receives a mysterious stranger’s sperm. The book should be out in the late fall.

Cagle, a resident of Andover, has a law practice on North Main Street.


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